Home of Poonarnia


The Situation as it is – and the way it doesn’t have to be

The average person produces between 0.14kg and 0.28kg of poo every day, along with around 1.2 litres of urine.

Unfortunately for their paying customers, many festivals and public events still expect people to attend to their most private business in what amounts to a Evil Smelling Plastic Tardis.

We who have done so know it can be a traumatic experience.

After a moderate amount of use, the area smells as if a mutant giant skunk died there three weeks ago in tropical heat.

There’s almost never any toilet paper left.

And there’s enough mud in there to plant a commercial crop of potatoes.

And this is all before you start to consider the environmental impact of these monstrocities.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore.


The Way Forward

Picture a place where all your toileting needs can be dealt with, cleanly, efficiently, cost-effectively and most importantly of all, in an ecologically-sound way without odour.

Our experts can provide your event with environmentally-friendly sanitation throughout The United Kingdom and Europe, along with friendly staff to make sure the facilities remains clean, and well-supplied with loo-rolls and hand-sanitiser.

We will then remove the waste for you, and process it into A-grade fertiliser.

So we don’t just provide you with a clean, odourless and well-managed sanitation service.

We look after Mother Earth as well.

With our help, everyone can reach their Poonarnia.