Composting loos

Our three-cubicle “Trilogy” can service 100 people per day, per toilet.

The trilogy is operational within five minutes of arrival, and is then self-sufficient for the remainder of the festival, save for our cleaners, who will make sure our high standards are maintained.

These units are spacious and airy – with our focus being on comfort and cleanliness.

While it was a different story a few years ago, smelly public toilets are no longer acceptable at public events, and the Trilogy certainly stands up to this test  – these are certainly among the freshest-smelling festival toilets you will ever experience.

Being completely waterless, they are “flushed” with woodchips or sawdust.

We then remove the waste for you, and take it to our processing facility, where it eventually becomes clean, high-grade fertiliser, to be used by farmers.



Like our trilogy units, our urinals are easy to install and operate, and best of all, we can configure them to any size and shape to suit your requirements.

They come with all the necessary infrastructure and screening.

Depending on your needs, we will provide any storage capacity required without the need of emptying during the event.